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Gas Permeable Contact Lens

Gas permeable (GP) contact lens is a type of contact lens made with firmer material. This contact lens is specially design to fit the need for crispy clear stable vision. It provides excellent vision, maintain good corneal health, durable, easy to clean. It can be fitted on children or adults.

Among the range that can be customised for using GP lenses is, high myopia (high power/ shortsightness), high astigmatism, multifocal, irregular cornea condition (usually cause by disease) and myopia control.

Cleaning and caring GP lenses require solutions different from that use for soft contact lenses. For more information and eye assesment for this GP lenses come to Vantage Vision Care. We have up-to-date equipment to customise your lens.

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Cornea in 3D

Cornea 3D side view

Cornea 3D side view







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Gas Permeable contact lens clear

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Gas Permeable Contact lens