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Our Optometrist

Christina Tan, Optometrist Malaysia

Ms Christina Tan, Optometrist

Ms Christina Tan holds a Bachelor Degree in Optometry (HONS) from International University of Technology TwinTech. During her undergraduate years, she underwent clinical trainings in both private & government hospitals in Malaysia and Chennai, India.

During her work in Specialist Eye Centre she was exposed to various cornea irregularities while working closely with cornea specialists. It was also then that she developed her passion in children vision.

To further challenge herself, she applied for the position as a contact lens consultant. This position require sound knowledge of contact lenses both in practical and manufacturing. She had the privilege to be sent to Hong Kong for her intensive Orthokerotology (Ortho-K) training under an Ortho-K lens designer.

After spending years practicing in multiple optometry specialties, she started her practice in 2015. Her passion is paediatric vision & speciality lenses.

Currently she is the Honorary Secretary of Association of Malaysian Optometrists. She is a registered optometrist with the Ministry of Health, Malaysia.