How to Remove Your Soft Contact Lens

Proper steps for contact lens removal

  1. Wash hands with soap and dry thoroughly.
  2. Always begin with the same lens everytime.
  3. Gently hold your upper eyelid so you will not blink.
  4. Slide the lens on to the white part of your eye.
  5. Then pinch the lens with your thumb and index finger.(*Do not use your nails)
  6. Apply contact lens disinfecting solutions and rub the lens for few second.
  7. Rinse the lens with contact lens solutions and store in the correct contact lens casing.
  8. Repeat the steps number 3 to 7 with the other eye.

If you need sound advice on contact removal and lens hygiene, make an appointment with us today. Different lenses need different care.

Practice of correct contact lens hygiene require proper knowledge.


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