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How to Put in Your Soft Contact Lens

Before you handle your contact lenses make sure your nails are short and your hands are clean and dry. In a well-lit area, spread out a clean soft cloth or towel and if possible use an adjustable magnifying mirror. Get into the habit of applying your right lens first. This will help ensure that you put the correct lens in each eye. Carefully slide the lens up the ramp and out of its opened package with your finger until it is free.

1) Place the lens on the tip of your index finger, make sure the lens is correctly oriented by checking the side curvature of the lens.

2) Use your other hand fingers to hold up your upper eyelid and upper lashes together so you wont blink.

3) Pull down your lower eyelid with the middle finger of the hand holding the lens and gently insert the soft contact lens on the lower part of the cornea.

4) Look down and close the eyes gently.

If you need more advice on puting on your contact lens, visit Vantage Vision Care to guide you. Remember you need to get your eyes check yearly for contact lens assesment to ensure your eyes is healthy and the contact lens you are using is suitable for your eyes.